Vespa Stroker 2016

QR 35000 Selling Price

Vehicle Details

  • Make Vespa
  • Year2016
  • Location
  • Kilometers Driven2,000
  • Seller TypePrivate Party
  • Ownership Type
  • Condition Grading
  • Insurance Valid Till2018-09-13
  • Colour Blue
  • Transmission TypeAutomatic
  • Selling Price35000
  • ModelStroker
  • Trim
  • Registration Number
  • WarrantyManufacturer Warranty
  • Number Of Owners
  • Condition
  • Fuel TypePetrol
  • Insurance Valid Date2018-09-13
  • Pricing FormatFixed Price
Inspection Report
  • No Inspection Report
Additional Warranty
  • Seller Warranty
Copy of Istimara / Registration
  • Yes but not attached
Copy Of Insurance
  • Yes but not attached
Pricing Format
  • Fixed Price

What is Fixed Price?

It is a pricing format which allows seller to sell at a non-negotiable price. Seller can choose the fixed price for a vehicle and buyer cannot negotiate the price.

How do you want to get paid?
  • Meet Greet and Pay By Cash
  • Meet Greet and Pay By Partial Cash
  • Meet Greet and Pay By Cheque
  • Net Banking Before You Pick
  • Meet Greet and Pay By Demand Draft
Viewing Options
  • I can bring the vehicle to buyer
  • Buyer will have to visit my location
Shipping Options
  • I can not ship
  • I can ship the vehicle
Schedule Options

Days Available

  • All Days

Time Available

  • 10 AM To 8 PM

Accident History

If the vehicle has met any accident



If the lights have been damaged


Electrical Issue

If there is any issue with wiper or other electrical equipments



If there are any Engine, Power issues


Meter Reading

If the Odometer has been Tampered


Repaint & Major Body Work

If any part is dented or broken


Chassis Fork And Alignment

If there is any problem with the above



If there is any issue with the suspension



If there is any issue with the transmission


Have the Tyres Fully Worn Out?

How extensively the tyres have been used



If there are any issues with the brake system


Bank Loan

If the vehicle is liable to any obligation


ACCEPT: I declare that I have been fully transparent in listing all the known problems in the vehicle.

Seller Initial: AUTO SEARCH.
  • Sun Roof
  • Clock
Motorcycle Facts
  • Electric Start
  • Electronic Stability Control
  • Anti-Lock Braking System
  • Anti-Theft Alarm
  • Traction Control


  • Automatic

للبيع فيسبا 2016 ماشيه 2000 فول ستروكر ( قطع المكينه : كام / بساتن ريس / ذراع ريس / هد ريس / كمبيوتر ومبرمج / كلش ريس / القير معدل تعديل ريس / هدرز كامل فول سستم كرو بوفك وفلتر / بريكات ريس / ساعة قيج حراره / للعلم الشغل فالوكاله بس شغل قيمة المكينه بروحها غير القطع الخارجيه 29.800 الف ضمان سنتين نظيفه جدآ ( قطع الخارجيه فول اكسسورات : كرسي ريس / جامه / دواسه / مقابض مع البريك / مناظر كربون فايبر / قطع كامله كربون فايبر / هرن سكسويل / غطه المكينه مطلوب 35 الف

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