How to Change a Tyre Yourself

Looking for a mechanic to change a tyre? Do it yourself with these simple DIY tips!

Here we go:

1)Ensure that the tyre that you will replace is not damaged.

2) Find a safe and flat surface to park your vehicle (don’t forget to use parking brake). Use hazard lights, if required.

3) Place some obstacles (for example, wheel chock, rock, etc.) to front tyre and behind rear tyre to avoid any chance of the vehicle getting rolled.

4) Place the jack under the frame near the tyre that you are going to change. Ensure that the jack is in contact with the metal portion of your vehicle body’s frame.

5) Place the jack perpendicular to the ground and start raising it.

6) Remove the hub cover and loosen the nuts by turning anticlockwise using wrench. You might use your body weight to break the lug nuts free.

7) Remove the nuts completely and then the tyre.

8) Place the spare tyre on the hub and then align the rim of the spare tyre with the wheel bolts.

9) Fasten the lug nuts by hand and then use wrench to tighten them till they are snug. Put on the hub cover on the nuts.

10) Lower the jack such that the tyre gets placed on the ground.

11) Place the old tyre in your vehicle’s truck and get it repaired/replaced.

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