How to change Headlights

Replacing your headlights is fairly simple and should only take you ten minutes. The only cost with this maintenance task is the cost of the new headlight. Here is how to change your headlights:

1) Pop your hood and look for the bulb holder. Typically, it is a plug shaped like a trapezoid with three wires coming out of it.

2) Remove the wire harnessing from the bulb holder. If the holder has a plastic catch, simply press the lever on the top of the plug and pull firmly on the plug. If the holder has a metal clip, just pull up and away from the holder. If the holder has a screw cap, simply unscrew it.

3) Pull the old bulb out of the holder.

4) Using a clean rag, wipe down the new bulb, hold it by the plug end, and stick it into the back of the headlight. Look to make sure it’s all the way in by confirming that there is no rubber gasket showing.

5) Plug the wiring back in and re-secure the bulb. Test to make sure it works and you are done!

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