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New or Used Vehicle
Choose New or Used Vehicle

Use our ‘Shop by Category’ to find the best vehicle for you. From Motorbikes to Cars and everything in-between. Cars In Doha offers a wide range of vehicles from all automobile market leaders and a wide variety of services for your assistance. We have new and used vehicles for any budget.

Use Cars In Doha Useful Tools to get buying and selling assistance and make an informed decision.

New or Used Vehicle
Place Your Bid or Choose from Fixed Price Vehicle Adverts

Auction allows buyers to bid on listed vehicles. The owner has final discretion as to accept or refuse the final bid. A registered buyer can make unlimited number of bids on the same car.

NOT A MEMBER?  Register Now Note: Cars In Doha holds no responsibility for any bids that fail to close.

New or Used Vehicle
Visit Seller & Check Vehicle

After making your final decision on the car that you want, simply contact and visit the seller to inspect the vehicle. You can take a test drive of the vehicle and then verify the documents. You can also choose to get it inspected by an expert using Cars In Doha Auto Inspection Service.

If you don’t like the vehicle after seeing the Car Report or happen to change your mind, please check other listed cars within the same model on our website.

New or Used Vehicle
 Pay full amount or Apply for a “Car Loan “

After checking the car and making your final decision on what car you’re buying, you can then pay the full asking price of the car you agreed on or you can apply for a car loan via your Bank or with any other Finance companies. The owner can transfer the car to your name through the MOI application ‘METRASH2‘. Alternatively, both you and the owner of the vehicle can visit the Traffic Department to transfer the vehicle registration to the new owner.

Note: The new owner must pay the exchange registration car fee of “200 QR” to the Traffic Department.

New or Used Vehicle
Drive Your Vehicle Home

Congratulations! Now you can drive your new vehicle home and celebrate the feeling! Don’t forget to leave feedback and a review on our Cars In Doha Facebook You can also Follow us on Twitter , Instagram and Tumblr.

Feel secure wherever you go with our 24×7 partners Road side assistance.   Drive safely…

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Car insurance can vary between 5% and 8% which depends entirely on the cost of your car. Cars generally built for speed may be blacklisted. You can still get insurance for these type of cars but at a cost.

Are you in a hurry and have a meeting to attend, and afraid that might not br able to find a taxi around that time? Or do you have a flight to catch and unsure if you can able to get a taxi in your area on that time? If your answer is YES have a look at our comprehensive guide below.

Did you Breakdown? Looking for a Towing service?

Recovery and transportation of your vehicle to any Doha destination 24 hours 365 days of the year.

Prices are dependent on the time and location in which you require the service


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