Hilarious Things Every Dad Does While Driving

Dads truly are special creatures. From their killer grilling skills to their, um, interesting fashion choices, dads should be cherished and celebrated! We at Cars In Doha know that dads are never at their most “dad” than when driving. Noisy kids, traffic, and catching their favorite song on the radio can bring out the best (or worst) in our dads. Let’s pay tribute to a few hilarious things that every dad does while driving.

1. Tries to start an impromptu family concert

We’ve all had that moment when you’re just riding in the back seat, minding your own business, when all of a sudden your dad’s song comes on. Maybe it’s Guns ‘N Roses. Maybe it’s Adele. Who knows. The point is: he can’t help but sing it (terribly off-key) and he wants you to sing along with him.


2. Pretends he isn’t lost

Dads always know where they’re going, even when they don’t. Driving down a dirt road? It’s a shortcut. Making a u-turn three different times? He meant to do that. Sure, dad. Thank god for Google Maps, amiright?

No sense of direction

3. Accidentally curses in front of his kids while in traffic

Traffic is an awful place where it seems like everybody is a crappy driver except for you. Dads feel that. It’s never NOT funny when your dad drops an F-bomb while in traffic and then frantically apologizes. We get it, Dad, traffic sucks! And tbh we’d probably say the same thing.

Accidentally swear

4. Threats to “turn this car around” when he’s mad

Believe it or not, sometimes kids are annoying (not you, tho) and dads aren’t always the best at hiding their annoyance. Whether you’re taking a trip to the Target down the road or you’re smack in the middle of a cross-country road trip, he WILL threaten to “turn this car around” if you get a little too rowdy. Can you blame him?

Threat to turn the car around

So, Dads everywhere, we salute you, and we would follow you to the ends of the earth! Even when you’re lost.

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