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Ministry urges motorists, pedestrians to be vigilant to prevent accidents

Traffic accidents are one of the main reasons for deaths in Qatar. Both drivers of vehicles and pedestrians walking on the street should exercise caution in order to prevent tragedies.

Towards this end, Qatar’s Ministry of Interior has come up with a checklist both drivers and pedestrians should keep in mind.


For motorists…

* Drivers of vehicles should slow down while approaching roundabouts, intersections and crosswalks.

* They should give adequate time for children, senior citizens and disabled persons to cross the road.

* Motorists should not try to overtake near pedestrian crossings.

* Motorists should be extra careful while driving near hospitals, schools, mosques and residential areas.

* Be careful while reversing your car.


For pedestrians…

* Use only designated Zebra lines and pedestrian signals to cross roads.

* Pedestrians should always stand away from the road’s edge.

* Pedestrians should constantly scan the roads for vehicles, stay alert and keep their ears open so they are able to hear warnings from passing vehicles.

* Pedestrians should let fast-moving vehicles, or those near them, pass and wait for their turn to cross. They should always be on the lookout for approaching traffic.

* If cars have stopped at a crosswalk, or a road is free of vehicles, pedestrians should cross the road normally, without hurry, as hurrying may cause them to slip and fall down.

* If crossing a road in an area without adequate lights, people should wear bright or reflective clothing so that motorists can easily see them.

* Always hold your children’s hands while crossing a street.

“We do what we can to help, ”Keep Safe Always”

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