Top 5 Common Winter Car Troubles – Solved!

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While we don’t normally associate the winter in Qatar with a bright, icy, and snow-covered landscape, our vehicle still doesn’t escape the looming winter problems. The temperatures may not go down to a single digit, but the changes in the weather still spell trouble for your car.

As with all things related to car maintenance, it’s best to stay on top of your car troubles for quick, easy and efficient problem-solving. With sporadic showers and reduced temperatures, we think it’s fitting to make a guide to help you out with the most common car troubles this winter.

Can cold weather cause car problems?

In general, harsher winter climates do pose a myriad of problems for vehicles. However, the situation is a little different in Qatar. While the temperature doesn’t reach extreme levels, a consistent cooler temperature during the winter months can have adverse effects on your vehicle.

There have been reports of battery problems, such as the car not starting, or finding cracks in the alternator belts. Since there are a lot of fluids that are imperative to your vehicle’s functioning, the colder temperatures could also result in the reduced performance of these fluids.

Should you warm up your car in the winter?

We’ve all heard this old adage: In the winter, you need to warm your car up before you can start driving. This is even followed in Qatar, where some of us allow our car to warm up on colder days.

Well, turns out it’s in fact, a bit of a myth. It’s built on one important factor to consider while maintaining your car in the winter – fuel efficiency. However, various extensive studies have been done to show that warming your car up has no positive effects on your winter driving experience.

On the contrary, idling your car in such a way is worse for your car’s greenhouse gas emission release. While some types of idling, such as waiting in traffic can’t be avoided entirely, automotive experts have asked for winter idling to be stopped.

The most common car troubles during the winter in Qatar

1. The battery won’t start 

Cooler temperatures, in general, tend to have adverse effects on your car’s battery. Your battery may have reduced functioning during the winter season, with consistent colder days. The cooler climate tends to affect the chemical processes inside the battery. This is why there is an increase in reports of cars not starting in the morning during the winter.

Solution:  Since such problems commonly occur in older batteries that haven’t been maintained too well, it’s vital to get your battery checked as winter approaches. Based on the findings, getting your battery fixed or replaced will keep you cruising in the winter.

2. Older tyres could pose a hazard  

Winter in Qatar spells trouble for your tyres since it brings rainfall along with it. With constant use throughout the year, your tyres are generally worn out come wintertime. Once you add in the factor of having to deal with wet roads, it becomes a hazard for you.

Solution:  To stay safe during the winter, get a thorough inspection done around the time of the first rainfall during the winter. Having a tyre expert do a once-over for your vehicle can inspire confidence in your car and keep you safe during the winter.

3. A cracked and faulty alternator belt 

We’ve all been in that situation where our car won’t start on one winter morning. More often than not, it points to a fault with the battery, but there have been instances where the alternator belt was the guilty party. In cooler temperatures, the belt tends to harden and crack a little, resulting in reduced performance.

Solution:  Get your alternator belt checked every now and then. It’s a good practice to follow not only during the winter, but throughout the year when you take your car in for a service.

4. Faulty wiper blades 

This happens as a result of two aspects of car maintenance in the winter. One, infrequent car washes during the winter, and two, increased rainfall during the winter. Since we avoid washing our car too much in the winter, the combination of dust and moisture can cause problems when the wiper blades are eventually used.

Solution:  While it wouldn’t be practical to advise you to wash your car often during the winter, you can still give your wiper blades a dusting every now and then. By reducing the amount of dust, dirt and debris on your wiper blades, you can use them without running the risk of damaging the blades or your windshield.

5. Reduced fluid movements 

Cooler temperatures cause your engine oil and other fluids, such as transmission fluid, to thicken over the winter period. It can be hazardous in some instances as it results in reduced performance from your vehicle. This could also result in some vital mechanical parts getting damaged.

Solution:  Needless to say, it’s essential to stay on top of your fluid levels during the winter. Get your car ready for the winter by getting a service done ahead of time.

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